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Doktors- och licentiatavhandlingar

Doktorsavhandlingar (-1994)

Erika Füle. Ecological Inference on Voting Data. (PhD 1994)

Gösta Forsman. Survey Models - A review and some applications to reinterview data. (PhD 1992-10-23)

Anastasia Kostaki. Methodology and applications of the Heligman-Pollard Formula. (PhD 1992)

Ghabdan Khalaf. On Ridge and Stein Estimators in Linear Regression. (PhD 1991-09-20)

Mikael Hartmann (PhD 1982)

Mats Hagnell (PhD 1971)

Doktorsavhandlingar från 1997 registreras i LUP, Lunds universitets publikationer


Harald Hannerz. Methodology and applications of a new law of mortality. (Lic 2000-01-17)

Dinesh Sakaria. Some Statistical aspects on Conjoint Analysis for Marketing Research: A Nonmetric Multidimensional Scaling Approach. (Lic 1999-12-17)

Petros Pavlos Pergalis. Hierarchical linear models, contextual analysis and an application to Swedish election data. (Lic 1995-02)

Ghazi Shukur. Demand for Meat and Fluid Milk in Sweden 1960-1989. Test for Structural Change. (Lic 1993-11)

Birgit Ljungquist. Three Papers on Mortality Estimation. (Lic 1993-06)

Mikael Åström. Cluster Analysis as a Tool for Data Reduction in Topographic EEG experiments. (Lic 1992-12)

Vibeke Horstmann (Lic 1990-11)

Anastasia Kostaki (Lic 1988-06)

Gösta Forsman (Lic 1987-12)